A frustrated TV star. A pushy producer. An ambitious beauty vlogger. A dedicated personal assistant. In modern day Hollywood, who really has the power?

  • Invited Reading, First Reads Festival, The PlayGround Experiment, March 2018

  • Staged Reading, Manhattan Movement and Arts Center, June 2018 (dir. Dianna Garten)


Leslie meets Michael in "Zombie Apocalypse," an online role-playing game where the human race is under attack and anyone can be anyone with the ease of a single click. Their bond over a mutual enemy quickly turns into a game-playing partnership, but when a video game convention brings them face to face in real life, they find that fighting zombies is far less complicated than human connection. Cosplay is an innovative story about navigating the space between who we really are and who we present ourselves to be.

  • Workshop, Game Play Festival, Brick Theater, July 2015 (dir. Daniel Roberts, prod. Comisar & Company)

  • Invited Reading, November 2014 (dir. Benita de Wit, prod. Comisar & Company)

  • 2014 ESPA*Drills Finalist, Primary Stages